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The Fair Squared menstrual cup is soft and completely made from FSC-approved Fair Trade natural rubber. This prevents irritation. The cup is also very environmentally friendly, because it saves on the use of other disposable products such as tampons and sanitary pads. It looks large in the photo, but it is no bigger than an inch. The menstrual cup can be reused after cleaning.

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Fair Squared

Het merk FAIR SQUARED heeft als doel om de ongelijkheid in de wereldhandel terug te dringen. Dit betekent dat de producten waarmee het merk werkt, eerlijk verhandeld zijn. Zo komen bijvoorbeeld de olijfolie uit Palestina, de Shea boter uit Burkina Faso en de amandelolie uit Pakistan. Alle producten van het merk zijn gemaakt met natuurlijke ingrediënten en milieuvriendelijk. De lippenbalsems trekken snel in en maken dat de lippen er verzorgd en glanzend uit zien.  In 2010 bracht FAIR SQUARED de eerste producten op de markt en inmiddels is het bedrijf zo gegroeid dat ze met 15 partners samenwerken, wereldwijd. De producten zijn allemaal met het Fairtrade keurmerk gecertificeerd.
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Size S has a capacity of 8 ml, is 6.1 cm high and has a diameter of 3.8 cm.
Recommended for women with a very light menstrual flow.

Size M has a capacity of 13 ml, is 6.65 cm high and has a diameter of 4.1 cm.
Recommended for women with a light menstrual flow and/or with a low cervical position.

Size L has a capacity of 16 ml, is 6.95 cm high and has a diameter of 4.4 cm.
Recommended for women with a light or medium menstrual flow.

Size XL has a capacity of 20 ml, is 7.2 cm high and has a diameter of 4.7 cm.
Recommended for women with a medium or heavy menstrual flow.


Before the first use and at the end of monthly use, the menstrual cup must be sterilized. You boil some water in a pan and leave the cup in it for a few minutes. Make sure the cup doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan.

The cup must be folded to insert. To do this, the top edge is pressed so that it folds double. You fix it between the fingers and place it not too deep. You shouldn’t feel the cup.

Once in the body, the cup unfolds to create a slight vacuum. This way the cup stays in place, it does not slip and it collects all the blood.
The cup must be removed again after a maximum of 12 hours. Gently pull on the stem until you can gently squeeze the bottom of the cup. As a result, the vacuum is released and the cup is released. You can now bring it out, empty it, rinse it and insert it again if you wish.
When the menstrual period is over, sterilize the cup again.


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