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Join us in the fight against plastic?

We, Kelly and Annemieke, started Oceonics in 2018. Once looking out at the gently rippling water of the Mediterranean Sea, we thought how ugly the seas will be caused by all the plastic waste in it. We wanted to fight this plastic waste! That is why, as Oceonics, we offer you the finest care products for the bathroom that are free of unnecessary plastic. We don’t offer foils, bags, tubes and bottles made of plastics. Because who needs plastic when you can also replace it with easily degradable & better recyclable materials.

We offer a wide range of products for everything you need in the bathroom. With this we already cover a large part of your daily plastic consumption. Because what about all those bottles, lids and cotton buds? We sell shower gel in recycled glass bottles, bamboo cotton buds and an “old-fashioned” bar of soap to wash your hair with. All our products have been carefully selected and guarantee you pleasure and pampering in the bathroom.

But besides yourself you can of course also treat someone else with a nice gift set and let them take a step into a plastic-free world. It is different than we are used to, but it is certainly not difficult. So, take a look at all products of international brands, but also check those of our own Oceonics line developed by us.

Take a look at plastic statistically

Here are a few statistics about plastic. We are shocked by these statics. The figures are confrontational and show the plastic problem in a tangible way. We hope that we can change the statistics in the future in a positive way.

A Million kilos of plastic is produced annually

Sea mammals die every year from waste at sea

times larger than the Netherlands is the amount of plastic in the oceans


of the waste in oceans is discharged by industry

Spoil yourself, not the planet!

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